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Queen of the Road Awards

The Queen of The Road Awards was launched in 2017 as the 1st dignified recognition award ever created for women who work as truck drivers. REAL Women In Trucking (RWIT) began presenting these recognition awards to those who have shown exemplary leadership and dedication to their work. Unlike other recognition awards that are focused solely on promoting the association, limited to certain carriers, pay to play, tokenism or focused solely on safety records that are of questionable authenticity and have no bearing on good citizenship. The Queen of the Road Awards highlight individuals who are examples of culture we wish to foster in the trucking industry, servant leaders and conscientious human beings.

Servant leaders naturally want to serve others and lead second. They are not driven by ego, the need for power, money and to acquire material possessions. In order to minimize bias, these awards are designed to consider the substance of the person. We do not publish the names or photographs of nominees until voting has concluded. Annual nominations take place in the winter months by submission of a written summarized biography. Finalist voting takes place into the early part of the new year and winners are notified before photographs and names become public. In 2023, we expanded the award categories to include Trainer of the Year and Rookie of the Year. Nominees who garner the most votes based only on their written summarized biography are selected. We encourage companies to identify nominee candidates and participate in this event. Please subscribe to our newsletter for news on when our next award cycle opens. Please consider becoming a corporate sponsor for future award cycles to help us shine a spotlight on the excellence of our professional driver population. 

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