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Cost Analysis for a Trucking Business

Resources 1

This instructional and freight rate calculator was created by Mr. Tilden E. Curl Jr. Owner of Tecco TruckingOOIDA Board Member, and a Former Goodyear Highway Hero. It is presented by the REAL Women in Trucking with a one-of-a-kind online calculator that was developed by Mr. Myroslav Gusyak.

The purpose of the calculator is to help new owner operators understand how to determine a fair rate in a rapidly changing market as fuel prices fluctuate. As a professional driver, it is important to know how to calculate a fair freight rate before you begin to negotiate with freight brokers and sign rate contracts to haul their freight. The printable instructions below will help you understand how to find the correct fuel price variable for your calculations. Insert your personal and business expenses to the freight rate calculator below to arrive at your estimated rate per mile break-even point to haul freight. Once you study and learn this system it will help you understand profitability for your trucking business.

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