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REAL Women In Trucking create annual events that aim to promote the advancement of women in the trucking industry by providing resources, training and mentorship whilst forming unity and friendship among lady truck drivers.

Queen of The Road Awards

Queen of The Road Awards is an annual inauguration that REAL Women In Trucking (RWIT) gives to women in the trucking industry who have shown exemplary leadership and dedication to their work.

How the Award Recipients Are Selected: Once the criteria are met to be nominated, the most important part of the process is the submission of a written biography summary when nominations are accepted in late March. Voting is then conducted without mention of the nominee's name or photograph in order to minimize bias. The three women who receive the most votes based only on their written nomination information are recognized for a Queen of the Road award. Photographs and names are not made public until the voting has concluded.


Annual Lady Truck Driver Cruise

The Annual Lady Truck Driver Cruise events began in March 2017 with the theme "Breaking the Silence" followed by the 2018 theme "Driving the Industry Towards Corporate Social Responsibility" to acknowledge that our event schedule was quickly being adopted by other organizations and to celebrate our successful motion to intervene in the CRST Sex Harassment case which has since been granted in our favor that has ordered the carrier to unseal documents from the case so that the public can learn more about the decades-old issue that continues to plague the truck driver training sector of this industry.

Our annual cruise events evolved from educational workshops on self defense, sexual harassment education, and a driver advocacy forum with the first of it's kind dignified award ceremony to recognize women who work as truck drivers.

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